What is the Amnet Assist Program?

The Amnet Assist program is when an individual or company affiliated with your school or organization makes purchases through Amnet, we will donate a portion of the price towards your school or organization.


How do I use it?

There's no sign-up or registration necessary-just choose Amnet when you buy your airline tickets to or from Japan. However, your reservation must be made over the phone. At the time of your reservation, just tell an Amnet agent that you're an affiliate of your organization and that you'd like to use the Amnet Assist Program.


What products and services are eligible for the Amnet Assist Program?

  • Any ticket to or from Japan is eligible, whether it's round trip or one-way.
  • Any tour hosted by Amnet is eligible.


How do I know if my school or organization is a part of the Amnet Assist Program?

If you aren't sure, you can always ask us!


I'd like my school or organization to be a part of the Amnet Assist Program. How do I join?

Get in touch with us and let's talk more about the Amnet Assist Program!