One of the very popular aspects of the Japanese culture are manga and anime. Manga is the printed comic books, and anime is the animation.
There's been a boom in popularity of anime and manga all over the world, and with the internet, fans are able to read, purchase, or watch these comics easier than ever.

Manga and anime are created for all ages. Some are adventurous, historical, horrific, or sexual, while others are romantic, fashionable, cute or humorous. There is a variety in drawing style as well, although there are distinct body shapes you will only see in these kinds of art. Many of the characters will usually have huge eyes, with long and skinny limbs. Some might have irregularly colored hair.

With the growing appreciation for the many popular artists, multiple manga/anime museums have opened up within the last 15 years. Below is a list of museums and amusement parks you can visit during your stay in Japan.