Traveling to Japan with allergies

This one can be a little daunting. We know how difficult it can to be explain your allergies and dietary restrictions at home. We want you to feel comfortable traveling to Japan and not have to worry about what to eat, so we have listed some helpful phrases below that you can show at hotels and restaurants. You can copy and paste them, print them out, and take them with you!

Please note that ultimately, the responsibility of avoiding foods that can adversely affect you belongs to you, the consumer. These phrases do not transfer that responsibility to the restaurant or whoever is serving you, but just helps them to help you. Please take care on your travels and be well!

  1. For those who do not eat red meat- I can't eat meat, but chicken and fish are okay: 申し訳ございませんが、私は肉類が食べられません。鶏肉、魚は大丈夫です。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  2. For pescatarians- I can't eat meat or chicken, but fish is okay: 申し訳ございませんが、私は鶏肉を含めて肉類が一切食べられません。魚類は大丈夫です。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  3. For lacto-ovo vegetarians- I can't eat meat, including broth made with meat or fish or other fish products, but milk and dairy are okay. 申し訳ございませんが、、私はベジテリアンです。肉、鶏肉、魚(出汁を含めて)が食べられません。卵、乳製品は大丈夫です。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  4. For vegans- I can't eat any meat, fish, dairy, poultry, or egg products, including fish broth.申し訳ございませんが、申し訳ありませんが、私はビーガンです。肉、鶏肉、魚(出汁を含めて)、卵、乳製品が食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  5. For wheat allergies- Due to allergies, I cannot eat any wheat or wheat flour:アレルギーの為小麦、小麦粉が一切食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  6. For dairy allergies/lactose intolerance:アレルギーの為乳製品が一切食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  7. For nut allergies-Due to allergies, I cannot eat any nuts or peanuts including their oils: アレルギーの為 木の実や落花生(その油を含めて)が一切食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  8. For shellfish and shrimp allergies-Due to allergies, I cannot eat any shellfish or shrimp: アレルギーの為貝類やエビ等一切食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  9. For soy allergies- Due to allergies, I cannot eat any soy products including soy sauce and miso: アレルギーの為 大豆製品が一切食べられません(味噌、醤油を含めて)。ご協力、ご了承ください。
  10. You can also fill in the blank with your allergies (you can use Google Translate or アレルギーの為___________________が一切食べられません。ご協力、ご了承ください。