Fish Pedicure in Shinjuku

Enjoyed and experienced by some, out of the many important and valued customers of Amnet travels, the Osso, is the name of a fish pedicure and day spa business located roughly 8 minutes in walking distance from the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. 

Video description mentions that it feels like electricity running through the feet.

Before the fishes nibbling processes begin, the attendees are welcomed into separate changing areas, and are welcomed to store one's belongings in a secure location. Shortly after, the guests are given comforting robes to wear; a quick feet washing begins for everyone's sanitary precautions. There upon, the visitors are welcomed onto a seating. Below, the customer's feet will be dipped into sanitary water with delicate blue UV lighting. In this phase, the relaxing and pleasant sensations of light-tickling or even mild to above ticklish sensations begin to take hold from the feet, as tiny friendly swimmers gather around the visitor's feet for a feasting, creating a unique and rejuvenating experience. 

Different from the doctor fish tanks at Osso, this is a seemingly photo of blue UV lighting. Photo by: Flickr@Kullez

Different from the doctor fish tanks at Osso, this is a seemingly photo of blue UV lighting. Photo by: Flickr@Kullez

There are even doctor fish cafes in Japan.

The passengers of this rare feet refreshing stationary adventure say that the fishes leave the voyager's with softer feet and this treatment works as a feet pedicure. 

From the Yelp review regarding Osso, language barriers aren't a huge problem. A staff member understood what service the fish pedicure seeking customer wanted to get regardless of the differences in language. Also, the staff here is of friendly and pleasant atmospheric aura. It would most possibly be a breeze and a joyful experience ordering and visiting the feet remedy faculty.

The gurra rufa or fish doctor are used in this unique feet pedicure where the tiny fishes nibble on dry lifeless particles of the skin for food where as the fish doctors in the wild feeds on algae collection that stick onto the surface exposed by their view/sensory in aquatic environment. 

Photo by: Flickr@moritzholzinger

Photo by: Flickr@moritzholzinger

The skin-exfoliators exist naturally in the fresh waters of rivers, streams and other non-salt based bodies of water in the Middle East mainly in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Oman.

In Turkey, they are protected under law from commercial exportation or unethical business practices by acquiring mass numbers of these skin alleviating kissers from exportation. 

The garra rufa's can be quite ticklish as customers relate their experience of fish pedicure as somewhat electricity like and can take some time to get used to. Besides the getting used to part, the fish doctor's hungry mind set will leave one's feet in rejuvenation. One may feel at ease towards the non-harmful fishes, and may look forward toward its unique/refreshing feet cleansing service. 


1 Chome-6-12 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021, Japan

How to get there:

Take Tokyo's main train line, the Yamanote-sen also called JR's Yamanote line, to arrive at Shinjuku Station. 

From Shinjuku Station, it will take 8 minutes on on foot to get to Osso, the beauty & day spa.

Open Hours: 

The facility as a whole, is open 24 hours.


The price is around 2000 JPY depending on the course/treatment.