"Baseball" Shrine in Saitama Prefecture

As a Japanese travel agency, we receive inquiries for all types of travel plans to Japan.
One of the interesting inquires we received in the past was from a baseball referee, who wanted to take his junior team to visit Japan.

We would think that there are many young Japanese baseball players who dream of visiting the US, the home of major league baseball, but in this case it's the opposite. We did some research on any unique places in Japan to take a baseball team for sightseeing, and found this "baseball shrine". One of our agents went for an inspection.

This shrine is called the "Yakyu- Inari Jinja", and is located in Yakyu-cho, Higashi-matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture. "Yakyu-" (野球)in Japanese means baseball, and although the kanji characters are different, they referred the term "baseball" to the name of the area "Yakyu-"(箭弓).

Naturally, this shrine has many visitors who are involved with baseball. Most of the ema have hand-written wishes that are related to baseball as well. Typically, emas are small wooden plates shaped like a house, but at this shrine, their emas are flipped upside-down to look like a home base. They also sell baseball bat-shaped emas. Even the amulets are shaped like bats and gloves!

Our client was very excited when he saw a photo of these bat-shaped amulets.

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