Naritasan / Shinshoji Temple

There is a place we recommend for a visit when you have a long layover at Narita Airport.

The location is easy to access: only 2 stations away on the JR or Keisei line from Narita Airport (Terminal 1). From there, it's in walking distance.

This is the 2nd popular temple in the country where people go to pray for New Year's day (hatsumode), and it attracts roughly 2900000 people. It is also a popular spot among visitors from overseas, especially because the streets and small buildings that lead to the temple from the station has an old, historical mood as if you had slipped back in time, and is very enjoyable even for just a stroll. Keep in mind that there are long hills, so it may be a little hard if you have any physical disabilities.
Along these streets are small souvenir shops and restaurants for you to stop by. One of the famous delicacies of the area is the eel. Some restaurants perform the cutting of live eel at the front of the shop, which may be slightly shocking for foreign visitors, however people seem to always take pictures and videos!

At the entrance of the temple, there is a very steep flight of stairs. You can take a longer path that goes around it if you are unable to climb these stairs.

At the top of the stairs, you will be greeted by the main building, along with the pagoda. In the rear is a beautiful garden as well.

Check their official website (in English) to find detailed information!