Shipping Your Luggage to/from Hotels and Airports

When traveling from one place to another within Japan, sometimes your luggage can become a huge hassle (especially for those who want to take a large suitcase to fill with shopped goods!). You will come across many obstacles such as stairs going up and down, long walking distances and narrow aisles to walk through.

The best option we usually recommend would be to ship out your luggage, which will allow you to only carry an overnight bag and conveniently, your big luggage will be waiting for you at your destination. Here are a couple of examples:

You are planning to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by bullet train, but your luggage can get in the way due to limited space on the train. Bullet trains do not provide any extra space for big suitcases either. At times like this, just ship out your luggage in the morning, and retrieve it the next day at your destination.

You are spending your last few nights in Osaka, but need to get back to the airport in Tokyo by bullet train etc before boarding your international flight back home. In such cases, you can ship out your luggage and have it reach the airport directly. There is an office located inside the airport designated only for shipping and picking up luggage. Just stop by before checking in for your flight and pick up your suitcase! 
*For airport shipping, you must ship out your luggage 2 days prior to your pickup date*

Prices are determined by weight, size and destination, and delivering companies will vary. Hotels will usually have a form (shipping label) for you to fill out, which you can write in English. Be sure to have the address and phone number of your destination!