WiFi in Japan

Free public WiFi has long been a scarce commodity in Japan. Although the country is striving to improve in this area with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics drawing nearer, it is still lacking as compared to other nations around the world.  

Currently, the few places where you are able to access free public WiFi are at convenience stores, cafes, fast food restaurants, airports, major train stations, and hotels, provided you are a guest. For a fee, you can also access WiFi on bullet trains, in internet cafes, and in only a handful public areas in big cities.

Almost nothing is more important in a foreign country than WiFi, so Amnet, partnered with Vision Mobile USA, is pleased to provide a portable WiFi device to give you peace of mind at all times during your trip. With plans starting as low as $2, this device is a cheap and convenient way to connect to the internet whenever you need it.


The Vision Global WiFi device can be ordered online and delivered to your house before you depart, and you can return it using the enclosed return envelope. In-store pickup is available at our Costa Mesa, California location as well. The router is easily activated, and the WiFi can be shared across multiple devices.

For reservations and more information on this service, please visit the following website: