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We had a wonderful time in Japan.  The tour was excellent as well as the accommodations and meals.  I loved that we experienced different styles of hotels and that most had a hot spring.  We had a great group of people as our travel companions.  Everyone was cooperative and prompt.  We came home with many new friends!

I enjoyed our tour guide. She was very organized and we knew what to expect each day.  We gave her excellent ratings on Super Value Tour’s survey.  My husband only wished that she gave more historical facts and information while we were driving to each destination.  She told us that she doesn’t lead very many tours and that she works for Super Value Tours mainly as a tour designer.

The only deviation from the itinerary was the omission of a visit to the Ainu Museum in Sapporo.  Apparently it was closed, so they substituted a tour of the Asahi beer facility.  I was a bit disappointed, but understand that it couldn’t be helped.  The Asahi tour turned out to be a lot of fun.

Initially I wasn’t happy about having to down size to a carry-on suitcase after day 3, but it turned out to be a great thing for us!  We sent all of our souvenirs for the family and the following week’s clothes to our Tokyo hotel and it made it much easier to travel.  Only in Japan would I trust that everything was going to get to our hotel safely!

Thank you for all of your help.  The tips you provided and the answers to my numerous questions were very much appreciated!  We will be sure to contact you in the future when we visit Japan again.  

Jun 5 2018

As I sit here in a jetlagged haze, I am still marveling at the incredible journey we have just completed. From the first moment, everything was perfect. The arrangements, the level of assistance you provided, the transportation, the hotel, the excursions, the total experience! It was a dream come true for my son, and his only regret is that we could not stay for a month!

Thank you for all you did to make this happen. We would highly recommend your services to any and all who ask about our trip, and we look forward to traveling through Amnet again soon. (My son would go back tomorrow if possible!) 

Oct 23 2017

The trip was very nice and everything went very smoothly and there wasn't a single glitch.  All the hotel accommodations were excellent and convenient.  My wife and I really enjoyed the whole experience.  It was a little bit of fast pace for my wife, but she was able to keep up with the programs. 

The only suggestion we have for improvements is for the Okinawa segment.  Both tours were done in Japanese and the English audio was not very extensive.  It only provided a brief description of each place we visited.  The tour guides in both bus trips explained everything in Japanese (Okinawan Japanese).  With my limited Japanese vocabulary, I was only able to understand 30% at best. 

Overall, the whole tour package was excellent and we highly recommend to others for doing this trip.  We thank you for putting together the travel package for us.  

Oct 11 2017

Jul 17 2017

My family and I had a wonderful time on our trip. Everything was so well organized and I cannot say enough about our two tour guides, N and J. They both were willing to take us extra places if we finished with the organized activities early and still had time. N was especially accommodating with my grandmother, finding coffee shops for her to sit in to rest while the rest of us continued with the tour so she wouldn't get too tired out. She also took the time to help us plan our return trip to Tokyo from Kyoto. N also brought her own kimono for my sisters and I to try on. My sister was so touched she was speechless. Once we were on our own and had to find our own restaurants, we appreciated all the great recommendations they had given us along the way. I am so happy that I booked this tour, as we all had a great experience, and would recommend this tour package to anyone.

Aug 27 2016

The flights provided by Amnet were very enjoyable and they provided good service. The hotels provided by Amnet offered convenient access to the local train stations and sights. The JR Rail Pass and Suica IC Card made passing through the station ticket gates a breeze. Amnet was very helpful in arranging local flights to and from Tanegashima Island for our JAXA Space Center tour. Amnet also helped us get the special bus tickets for our concert in Osaka.

Here’s a rundown of our stays in Japan:

Hotel in Tokyo – Just a 5 minute walk from Shinagawa train station with local and Shinkansen access. Very nice hotel with friendly staff.  The only drawback is the hotel is located uphill from the station so after a long day of exploring the Tokyo sites it can be a slow climb up the hill.

Hotel in Kyoto – Across the street from Nijo Castle and the local subway. Very nice hotel and friendly staff dressed in Kimonos. We chose this hotel for the rooftop view of the Daimonji Bonfires but unfortunately the rooftop reservations started at $120 per person!

Hotel in Hiroshima – Right at the station with local and Shinkansen access. Nice hotel but the shower and bathroom have semi see-through glass. Can be awkward depending who you are sharing a room with.

Hotel in Kagoshima – Across the street from the station with local and Shinkansen access. Awesome view of Sakurajima Volcano spewing smoke from the crater. For dinner, the staff recommended Yatai-Mura, a local eating spot that had a great selection of food stalls. Eat a little at one, then try other ones.

Hotel in Osaka – Decent hotel for the proximity to Dotonbori but not for the non-smoker. The non-smoking room still smelled like smoke and the ice and laundry services were located on the smoking floors. Otherwise a great location to stay at with a Family Mart convenience store very close by. The local subway is not too far a walk away.

Flying to and from Haneda was convenient except for the arrival time. Staying at the hotel close to Haneda definitely makes it much easier. Having all the shops and restaurants at the airport was great for buying a quick breakfast the next morning. The staff members at every one of our hotels were very gracious and helpful.  We had superb service at each location. 

Japan was absolutely marvelous. I never thought of Tokyo as a beautiful city, but we still found beautiful spaces within even the busiest Shibuya--there was a beautiful tree-lined hill street behind our hotel. Our hotel there was great--the accommodations, were wonderful, and the location was very convenient. The only thing I saw as negative is the fact that the pool is not open to kids, and the hotel charges a fee for use. 

The hotel in Naha (Okinawa) was a little dowdy--it needs some upgrading. The location was only good for its proximity to the monorail. There were no other cafes or restaurants around it for breakfast. Thankfully, the hotel's breakfast buffet was good--lots of choices.  I also appreciated that the hotel had a good amount of parking at a low cost. Again, because it was so hot, a pool for family use would have been great.  Given our cost constraints, I'm sure finding a hotel in Naha with those amenities was not an easy task.   

The hotel at Onna (Okinawa) was a decent hotel. Rooms were small, but on the ocean, and the breakfast was good. The location was good, and the private beach was nice. 

The ryokan in Kyoto was a great experience. The Japanese breakfast was beautifully prepared each morning. My son liked the public bath and especially wearing the yukata robe in the public areas.  The great location is very convenient and on a beautiful street. 

I think if we were to do it over, we would go to two cities, not three. It was a little too much to do even though we had two weeks. Anyway, we loved being in Japan, and we are hoping we can go there more often. 

Aug 21 2016

Aug 17 2016

What a wonderful trip! I didn’t want to come home. Thank you so much for your help in setting up our flights and hotels. It was very comforting knowing that everything was planned out in advance.

The hotel we stayed in Shibuya is amazing. It is beautiful, centrally located, and the staff was wonderful. I would not recommend the hotel in Okinawa, however. It is not located in a very central area and was not so nice. The bathrooms were not great, although they had a nice buffet breakfast every morning. The staff were not as friendly or welcoming as the hotel in Shibuya. The ryokan in Kyoto was also amazing. It was clean and well-located on a beautiful street. We really enjoyed our stay there with the great staff and the wonderful dining room.

The airlines we flew with treated us very well, and we have no complaints about our travel within Japan. Thanks once again for taking good care of us. We would love to return to Japan someday!

Jul 15 2016

Our family trip to Japan was everything I had hoped it would be. It was fun, enlightening and memorable for the whole family. The flight connections were nicely timed and the service was good, both in flight and at the airports. The hotel in Osaka seemed pricey to me when we were booking it, but it turned out to be a very good choice.  Our two rooms were small as you said they would be, but because they were adjoining we were able to move about comfortably. The hotel staff was more than accommodating. We arrived early from the airport on our first day in Osaka and assumed our rooms would not be ready for us. They weren't but instead of asking us to wait in the lobby, the hotel gave us a temporary suite to freshen up while we waited. We were also given complementary breakfast vouchers for the whole family for our "inconvenience".  We leisurely enjoyed breakfast at the hotel on our last day in Osaka. The location of the hotel was perfect for us. Everything was right there - trains, subway, restaurants, and shops.

I am glad we purchased the Japan Rail passes. They were so very convenient to use. I don't know what the train costs might have been without the JR passes but I am sure the savings was substantial. We used JR to Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kyoto, Kamakura, Osaka to Tokyo, Tokyo to Narita Airport, and lots of trips within Osaka and Tokyo.

We had a great time at the Tokyo Dome baseball game even though the home team Tokyo Giants lost the game. Getting around the stadium was a breeze and our seats were perfect. We could see the full field and enjoy the fans and all the activities..

I was concerned before starting our trip that our family of six might get separated in large crowds and when we were getting on and off trains and subways. It never happened. As you know, we were thinking before the trip that we might need to give the kids a break by going to theme parks such as Toei Studios in Kyoto and Disney in Tokyo.  We did not go to any theme parks. There was so much else to do. No one seemed to give these places a second thought.

We took the Narita Express to Narita Airport on the last day of our trip. We casually boarded the train when it pulled up to Shinagawa Station. I hadn't thought about reserving seats. About 15 minutes into the ride,  the train conductor informed us that we needed reservations and moved us to the back of the car where we used pull-down seats.  We were quite comfortable there talking and watching the countryside pass by for the rest of the ride. I mention this small 'oops' moment just to emphasize how smoothly our trip to Japan went overall.

I can't thank you enough for all you did to make our trip a success.  

I want to thank you for arranging such a nice vacation for us, we had a wonderful time!  The hotel in Kyoto was nice and conveniently located.  The half day tour to Arashiyama and the Nara premium tour were very enjoyable.  The one day Kyoto tour was okay but the lunch was not very good (we don't know the individual tour price, perhaps we got what we paid for). 

Overall it was a nicely arranged vacation!  Thanks again for your recommendations!  The train rides were smooth and uneventful!

We will definitely ask for your help for our future trips!

May 6 2016

The trip was planned out perfectly once again! You have no idea how much you helped with the planning and logistics, thank you very very much!

The whiskey distillery tour was pretty awesome! Wish we could've gotten the other tour but there were so many tour groups there - I think they beat us to it. But the tasting room is really really nice! I know my friends had a pretty good time drinking some whiskeys that are hard to come by back here in the US - definitely a nice add on to a trip!

Luggage shipping was perfect as well...we didn't run into any problems with that! The website was also really helpful in showing us where to go for the different airports.

In terms of improvements, I can't see any for you. You have done an excellent job these past two trips!!!  I just wish I had more time in Japan....haha, maybe next year I could do two weeks!

Apr 15 2016

Everything went flawlessly!!!!!! You planned out the trip perfectly and made my first international trip a breeze....as well as a good learning experience because we used that JR rail pass to go everywhere!

Oct 28 2015

We had a great time but I am exhausted.  Everything went very well.  Both tours you set up for me went smoothly and we had no problems. On the Mt. Fuji tour they said that we were going to go to a valley called Owakudani but because of volcanic activity they wouldn't allow us to go there but that was fine - we went up the Komagatake Ropeway instead.  Mt. Fuji was raining and cloudy so not too much to see but Hakone was really pretty.  Both tour companies were great about finding us at the hotels for pick up.  We ended up taking the Shinkansen back from Odawara on the Mt. Fuji tour (which was great because 3 hours vs.  1 hour was a lot nicer).  

Both hotels I liked - especially the hotel in Hiroshima.  Of all the places we stayed that hotel was the closest to the train station and that made a huge difference so that was a good call for having us stay right there.  In fact if we go again I would choose to stay as close to the train station as possible because everyday that's where we usually started.  The hotel was very nice too.  I think it was my husband's favorite place to stay comfort wise and convenience wise my kids loved it.  

The rain wasn't too bad.  It rained in the beginning of our trip and then it let up until we went to Hiroshima (Iwakuni).  But the humidity - I think I could have dealt with the heat but just walking outside for 10 minutes and I was drenched.  It was almost nicer with the rain.   

We went to Amanohashidate and that was probably one of our favorite spots to visit.  We tried to go to Shimanami Kaido but realized that was probably a one to two day experience and we only had half a day but I'm saving that for next time.

I know I had more to tell you and I will email you again but overall it was great!!!!  Thank you so much for all your help.  I will definitely send any friends who want to go to Japan your way.  

Aug 3 2015