Ninja Spy Action from $152


Ninja Spy Action from $152

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Tokyo only.

In the Edo period, ninjas played an important role as a spies. The significant tasks for a ninja were to hide their presence and collect the information to keep the peace.

In this program, you will learn the skills and techniques from a group of ninja which has roots in one of Japan's old ninja families. You will also be able to dress in traditional ninja clothing.

<Program Contents>
1. Meditation, Bow, and kuji-kiri (a practice of Ninja’s hand gestures)
2. Transforming into a Ninja
3. Learning Ninja's Spirits & Tools
4. Throwing shuriken
5. Practicing Blowguns
6. Photo-taking Time
7. Meditation, Bow, and kuji-kiri

Starting Times: (90min)
1. 9:00am
2. 11:00am
3. 1:30pm
4. 4:00pm

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