Samurai Experience from $152


Samurai Experience from $152

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Tokyo only.

Samurais were part of the Japanese military in the past.
For a samurai, it was indispensable to master martial arts and military tactics.
They followed the philosophy called bushido, and they obeyed absolutely as well as devoting themselves to their lords.
In this program, you will learn samurai spirits and skills from martial artists. You will be able to practice the arts of samurai while dressed in traditional clothing.

◆Program Contents
1. Meditation, Bow
2. Samurai Transformation
3. Learning Bushido and Samurai Tools such as swords
4. Learning Swordsmanship
5. Meditation, Bow
6. Photo-taking Time

Starting times: (90min)
1. 9:00am
2. 11:00am
3. 1:30pm
4. 4:00pm

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