Sumo-Wrestle Practice Viewing from $152

Sumo practice
Sumo practice

Sumo-Wrestle Practice Viewing from $152

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Only available in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Nagoya - June/July ONLY

Osaka - February/March ONLY

Tokyo - All other months

You can watch a real sumo practice on the ringside! Sumo wrestlers wearing nothing but a loincloth surround the ring. Practice starts from the lower ranked sumo wrestlers. All other wrestlers except for the competing two perform stretching exercise, basic sumo exercises to strengthen legs, hips, and upper body, and muscle building exercise. A match practice is a serious bout between two sumo wrestlers. As if competing in a real tournament, wrestlers hit head to head, push each other, or throw the opponent out of the ring. The winner is qualified to stay in the ring and competes with a new opponent.

Because a sumo practice is such a serious undertaking for the wrestlers, our guide will ask you to follow certain rules in watching the practice. We may sometimes have to ask certain people who don’t follow the rules to leave the tour.

Our certified guide comes to meet you at your hotel and gives you basic guidance on how to properly watch a sumo practice at a sumo stable. Many sumo stables are not taking foreign visitors now, which makes this an even more exciting opportunity.

Starting time: 7:45am (3hrs)

Special notes: Prices listed are subject to change based on the currency. We can only accept credit cards issued in the USA or Japan. This tour is operated by True Japan Tours.