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What you need in order to drive in Japan:
Many governments abroad accept the international driving permit (IDP), which allows citizens of a foreign country with a valid driver’s license to drive while traveling in a foreign country.
The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a document that grants someone the privilege of driving a motor vehicle legally while abroad. It does not replace your government-issued driver’s license. Essentially, an IDP serves as a basic translation of your driver's license. It is translated in 10 languages and features your:

Full name.
Relevant driver information.

The following requirements and restrictions apply:
You must carry both your IDP and your driver’s license when driving abroad.
You must obtain your IDP in the same country that issued your driver’s license.
You can never use your IDP to drive in the country in which it was issued.
It is valid for up to 1 year (provided your driver’s license is valid for the full year).

Reference: http://www.dmv.org/international-driver-permits.php

Things to consider:
You will be driving on the left side of the road.
Your driver's seat will be on the right side of the car.
Your blinkers/wipers will be reversed.