Yonsei XXVI Shibata Tour 2019

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Free Time/Day Ideas

7/26 Friday Tokyo
Toyosu fish market (5:00am-5:00pm) Access and details

Going to Toyosu fish market: Yurikamome train toward to Toyosu
Train time table : from U12 Ariake station ( 3 minutes walk from Hotel Sunroute Ariake ) to U15 Shijo mae station
5:20am / 5:30am / 5:39am / 5:47am / 5:55am / 6:03am / 6:09am / 6:19am / 6:24am / 6:29am / 6:37am / 6:45am / 6:53am / 6:57am

Coming back to hotel: Yurikamome train toward to Shinbashi
Train time table: from Shijo mae station to U12 Ariake station
6:03am / 6:11am / 6:19am / 6:26am / 6:35am / 6:41am / 6:50am / 6:56am / 7:03am / 7:08am / 7:15am / 7:19am

Yurikamome train (Official website)

7/28 Sunday Shibata
Please see the suggested sightseeing spots farther down the page.

8/1 Thursday Matsushima

Free shuttle bus Time Table (PDF)
5 minutes from Matsushima Kaigan Station
15 minutes from Matsushima Station



Please take the bus to Matsushima-Kaigan Station and consider one of the sightseeing spots below in the sightseeing section.

1. Take a free shuttle bus from Taikanso to Matsushima Kaigan Station ( 5 minutes )
2. Take a JR Senseki line from Matsushima Kaigan Station to Sendai Station ( 40 minutes )
Jorudan (Train Time Table search, official website)

Sendai Tanabata Festival (8/6-8/8)

*Gyutan Tsukasa:

The beef tongue restaurant, Gyutan Tsukasa, that is located in Costa Mesa’s Mitsuwa is originally from Sendai, Japan. Getting the chance to go to one of the original locations would be a mouthwatering experience.

Free soft drink service for Yonsei 26.
Amnet has free drink coupons. Please let us know if you are interested !

Directions to Tsukasa Higashiguchi: Exit Sendai Station from the east exit and walk three minutes to the Daiwa Roynet Hotel. Find the restaurant outside of the hotel on the first floor.

8/2 Friday Tokyo

* Professional Baseball Tokyo Yakult Swallows vs Chunichi Dragons at Jingu Stadium

Experience a world of baseball unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the MLB! While having the second highest level of baseball in the world, Japan’s version of America’s pastime is a sight to behold. Whether it be the electric atmosphere of never-ending synch1ronized cheers aided by various instruments, unique food, or seventh-inning stretch umbrellas, the NPB can further your love for the game in a way you never knew was possible!

(Please be aware that you are not allowed to bring glass bottles, cans, and coolers into the stadium. However, you are allowed to bring in bottled water (plastic) and reusable stainless steel/plastic water bottles.)

8/3 Saturday Tokyo

Festival, fireworks:
* Itabashi Fireworks ( about 520,000 people, 12,000 fireworks )

Directions: Take the Saikyo Line from Ikebukuro Station to Ukimafunado Station. Exit the station and take the bus from Ukimafunado to the Funado Yonchome Bus Stop. (Duration: 40 minutes)

* Edogawa Fireworks ( about 900,000 people, 14,000 fireworks )

Directions: Take the Yurakucho Line from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station to Iidabashi Station. Transfer to the Chuo-Sobu Line and ride the train to Koiwa Station. Exit the station and take the bus from Koiwa to the Asamajinja (Edokawaku) Bus Stop. (Duration: about 1 hour)

* Sunshine City Nouryo Bon Odori Festival ( TBA: 8/1-8/3 )

* Asagaya Tanabata Festival ( about 830,000 people in 4days ) ( TBA: 8/3-8/7 )

Directions: Take the Saikyo Line from Ikebukuro Station to Shinjuku Station. Transfer to the Chuo Line and ride the train to Asagaya Station. (Duration: 35 minutes)

***All travel times include walking.

8/4 Sunday Tokyo

* Gotanda Natsumatsuri ( about 10,000 people ) 25 min train from Ikebukuro station to Gotanda station.

* Sunshine City ( Shopping & Eating )

Hotel Matsushima Taikanso (Hotel official website)

Visiting City, Suggested Sightseeing Spot

Specialty, Souvenir